The Colorado Professional Review Act

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SB 19-234 authorizes the renewal of The Colorado Professional Review Act (CPRA). The ultimate goal of professional review is to ensure that qualified health care professionals are providing safe and appropriate patient care.CPRA promotes patient safety by encouraging the frank and honest assessment of health care professionals by their peers. It also helps the state to remain a recognized leader in health care in­novation, which supports the retention of top providers and benefits patients on many levels.A professional review committee evaluates the competence, quality, and appropriateness of patient care provided by, or the professional conduct of a licensed physician, physician assistant or advanced practice nurse.Key Messages:

  • First and foremost, everything in the Colorado Professional Review Act (CPRA) aims to protect patients. Colorado hospitals support the renewal of the Colorado Professional Review Act because it is a crucial component of our ongoing patient safety and quality improvement efforts.
  • CPRA should be fully reauthorized because it encourages health care professionals to continu­ally improve and promote the highest quality of medical care and patient safety in Colorado.
  • The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies recommended the General Assembly renew CPRA after an in-depth investigation that determined CPRA positively contributed to patient safety and professional development.
  • CPRA promotes the critical review of health care services by a provider’s peers. It allows individuals to openly evaluate the care in an environment that supports ongoing learning and improvements that benefit patients.

Why is CPRA Important?Participants and institutions involved with professional review as part of CPRA are granted immunity from legal actions as long as certain standards are met. The legal protections and qualified immunity for pro­fessional review participants promote the unfettered reviews of health care professionals, which are critical to ensure safe and quality patient care. Without the protections of the act, medical professionals would be unlikely to participate in medical reviews and learning would be stifled.Action NeededEmail your State Senator and urge a YES vote on SB 19-234. Tell them that this is an important bill aimed at improving patient care.

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