We are HCA Healthcare’s employee-based grassroots team engaged in state and national level political issues.

Be Informed

Members of GGGs have access to the latest information on policy issues of importance to our industry via forums, monthly alerts and news updates. 

Get Involved

Joining gives you an opportunity to become involved in the political process by accessing tools and resources that allow you to be a better citizen.

Have a Voice

Staying informed and getting involved are the best ways to increase your influence in the policy and decision-making process.

What are Good Government Groups?

The Good Government Groups are nonpartisan and independent groups that operate in accordance with all relevant state and federal elections laws. Members include administrators, hospital employees, physicians, volunteers, H2U members and others.

The Good Government Groups provide a unique opportunity for all HCA Healthcare staff to become more informed about and involved in local, state and national political issues affecting our profession and our lives. It is a way to have a voice regarding government policy and decisions.

What Do We Do?

The Good Government Groups facilitate meetings to discuss current local, state and national political issues, as well as host facility tours for candidates and elected officials. The Good Government Groups get involved in legislative “calls-to-action” through emailing, calling or writing elected officials about the issues that are important to members and their facility.

Good Government Groups members also participate in community and state-level advocacy activities and volunteer in political campaigns.



Why Should I Join?

Hospital and health plan industry issues have been, and will continue to be, the focus of intense public debate. Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements, state funding reimbursements, hospital liability, and patients’ rights are just a few examples.

The Good Government Groups gain strength through the efforts of HCA employees, working with candidates who support the best interests of healthcare, the hospital industry, and the patients we serve.

The Good Government Groups serve as the “face of HCA” for their respective communities.

How Do I Join?

Any staff member of an HCA facility can join regardless of party affiliation, including volunteers and H2U members. Membership is voluntary and FREE!

Once you sign up, you will begin receiving regular Good Government Groups updates and be contacted by your local Good Government Groups representative with more information about meetings and events.



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